Image Labelling: Where is where, what is what!

In this tutorial, we will try to tell the location (or coordinates) of the green turtle in the image to the computer. We will use this turtle from Sea Turtles Conservation Center Royal Thai Navy (ศูนย์อนุรักษ์พันธุ์เต่าทะเล กองทัพเรือ) as our subject.

The sense of knowing the location

Human and computer perceive locations of things differently. We can describe to a person that the turtle is on the right or at the bottom of the image. (or the bottom right?)

Original turtle image

However, to the computer, it knows that this specific image is x pixels wide and y pixels high. They do not know weather the coordinate (30,30) is on the left, on the right, or at the top left corner of the image. This is where image labelling comes in handy. Continue reading Image Labelling: Where is where, what is what!