Getting to know CRISPR-Cas9 in 30 minutes

In the world of genetic engineering, CRISPR-Cas9 is a recent breakthrough (in 2013) which could change the course of this field for the next decades. This gene editing technique has a potential to cure genetic disorders and many disease such as diabetes. This work extends the face that now we can sequence individual’s DNA rapidly with lower cost than before. After we can read the genetic code, the next wise step to work on is to edit it.

In this post we gather some videos that provide the insights about CRISPR-Cas9. This would be a good start for someone who’s just start learning about today’s genetic engineering.

Kurzgesagt has a simple and detailed explanation about this technology in the following video.

TED Talk about CRISPR-Cas9

[Bonus] More technical video from Nature

This video from Nature provide more accurate explanation about how CRISPR-Cas9 works.


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