Swiss army knife for curious learners

In the past decade, massive open online course or MOOC has been adopted worldwide and become more well known in the world of education. This includes both educators and students. In 2012, MIT OCW (MIT OpenCourseWare) is transformed into edX, and Coursera was founded. Both of them are MOOC platform which have cooperation from top institutions around the world to make the online courses in the early days possible.

Fast forward to 2018, now we have tons of free courses where students can pick and choose what they want to learn from these top institutions in almost every field. In this article I will walk you through some of the best place independent learners need to know exist and must visit once in a while.

MOOC Platform

I have already mentioned Coursera ( and edX ( and I think they are primary source for most learners. edX is founded in cooperation of MIT, all of MIT OCW courses are moved here and more courses from other institutions are added to the platform. edX is now the non-profit organization. Coursera, on the other hand, Continue reading Swiss army knife for curious learners