Liberal Arts Symposium – How Student-Generated Content Can Enhance Learning

Note: This article is continued from Juniata College’s Liberal Arts Symposium.

How Student-Generated Content Can Enhance Learning



A considerable amount of evidence shows that students who generate their own content from what they have studied or learned could enhance their learning which leads to better understanding of the topics. In order to generate some content, mastery in the topic is required. This presentation will show how students can improve their learning strategy by developing web-based educational content that first started in Thailand, summer 2010. There are different methodologies used for student-generated content in different formats such as notes, diagrams, and videos. This is similar to project-based learning, the difference is each piece of work has been made by self-motivation; these are even more comprehensive projects. In this presentation, the relation between the format of student-generated content and its impact on the level of understanding will be discussed. By contributing the contents to the public via internet, it will also help students be more confident about what they know. Finally, this online activity could be developed to be peer education in the future.

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